What a week...

So, the last time I posted how I had made a good start and this week, the momentum continues!  I have been growing the Instagram page and in a week I am over 100 followers!  Cool.  I never realized there were soooo many folks out there with a passion for this type of work but the cool part is they are all so willing to share their experiences and ideas which really makes me happy to be a part of the community of artisans.  This past week I also setup my Shopify eCommerce site to acept PayPal payments.  Just before that, I started a bank account for the business and my small business license to sell goods from my city/state is all paid for and will be in my mailbox soon.  Over the next week I will develop the Twitter feed, Pinterest page, and YouTube channel to get the word out that Black Feather Wood & Leather is gaining speed and should be up and running very soon.

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